Clear password on ESXi Server

  • Download Ubuntu Live and burn to a bootable CD. -
  • Boot ESXi 5.5 server from Ubuntu CD and select Try Ubuntu so it loads into RAM.
  • Follow the steps in this link -

    • Make sure that you perform the steps for
      /dev/sda5 and dev/sda6

    • Got
      through steps 1 to 10 for sda5 and then got back and perform all of the steps
      for sda6.

    • In step 7 it says to go to the /etc directory.
      When you change to the etc directory use cd etc do not put the / in front
      otherwise it will take you to the wrong directory which also has the shadow
      file you need to open.

    • Use nano to edit the shadow file in step 8 not
      vi. If you use vi you will not be able to esc to write and save the file. Use
      nano to edit file (nano shadow).

How to Reset Forgotten VMware ESXi Root Password with Ubuntu Live CD.pdf 

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